Support and maintenance of supplied solutions

To help you to maintain stable treatment process and guaranteed effluent quality in your wastewater treatment system, we provide qualified and experienced technician support and maintenance service to the wastewater treatment solutions delivered by FlotLife.

Our specialists can remotely connect to your system to see and configure the equipment in the plant.

As a manufacturer we also have the most prevalent spare parts available to service your wastewater treatment plant.

Wastewater analysis

As part of the support service package, FlotLife can conduct wastewater analysis in our mobile lab at your site, so we can optimize some parts of the process immediately. More specific parameters can be analyzed at our facility to provide you with a full picture of the state of your plant and suggest a plan for improvements. The range of analysis include all parameters that are critical to a wastewater treatment plant, for example:

  • COD (Chemical oxygen demand)
  • BOD5 (Biochemical oxygen demand)
  • NH4-N (Ammonium)
  • NO3-N (Nitrate)
  • NO2-N (Nitrite)
  • TN (Total nitrogen)
  • TP (Total phosphate)
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Transmissivity

Supply of chemicals

To both our customers as well as companies using wastewater treatment systems of other suppliers, we offer four main types of chemicals used in wastewater treatment:

  • pH neutralisers
  • anti-foaming agents
  • coagulants
  • flocculants


Whether you are planning to set up a wastewater treatment plant or you are already running one, we can share our knowledge and experience to improve your wastewater treatment efficiency.

If you are facing challenges with your existing wastewater treatment system, we can perform audit of it in order to identify problems and suggest solutions. We will review all equipment that is used to treat wastewater at your plant and give our recommendations on how to improve operations, reduce system downtime and save costs.

Retrofit of wastewater treatment plants

If your existing wastewater treatment plant does not anymore fulfill effluent quality requirements due to outdated technology or other issues, FlotLife’s team of technicians and engineers can visit your site, analyze important wastewater parameters and operational problems, and suggest possible technical adaptations or a concept for retrofitting of your plant.