We are experts in decentralized wastewater treatment plants

FlotLife is a team of engineers for wastewater treatment technology with experience of more than 100 installations in 10+ countries.

We design, manufacture, assemble and deliver decentralized wastewater treatment systems as tailor-made turnkey solutions that fulfill the highest environmental requirements, are modular, and can be scaled in pace with growing volumes.

By definition, decentralized systems treat, reuse, and discharge wastewater close to the supply point or source of its origination. It means easier and faster implementation as well as reduced operating costs.

From our experience, we are convinced that it is important for modern companies to implement wastewater treatment solutions that combine less environmental impact with energy efficiency, operational cost savings, fast system installation and launch, and easy maintenance.

We therefore offer:

  • Container-type modules where ready-to-use treatment plants are installed in a 20 or 40-foot ISO standard container (one or more, depending on the configuration of the solution). Such solution saves space, does not require high construction costs and allows you to start your wastewater treatment to start as quickly as possible after the container is delivered.
  • Wastewater treatment plants that are delivered separately and installed at the customer’s premises in accordance with the agreed project. This solution provides easier system maintenance and easier future functionality enhancements.

For companies from all industries that are using water in their production or service processes and must further discharge waters into municipal sewerage or the environment, decentralized wastewater treatment can be the most appropriate solution.

Containerized wastewater treatment plant next to a car parts production factory building

Containerized wastewater treatment plant next to a shopping mall

Wastewater treatment plant close to a fish processing factory

Decentralized wastewater treatment plant at a dairy production factory

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We have experience in industries with environmental impact

  • Industrial process water
  • Drinking water plants
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Meat processing
  • Fish processing
  • Dairies
  • Food processing
  • Rendering plant processing
  • Oil and fat refineries
  • Metal processing
  • Chemical industry
  • Metal processing
  • Waste management
  • Margarine production
  • Bakeries
  • Car wash
  • Textile industry
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Cosmetics

We have own manufacturing factory

Wastewater treatment solutions delivered by FlotLife successfully combine industry standard products of our trusted partners and FlotLife’s own manufactured equipment.

Each wastewater treatment plant implementation project is unique, so having our own manufacturing factory allows us to adapt the equipment to different spaces, sizes of premises, placement specifics, wastewater flow rates and other specific customer needs.

In our manufacturing plant we produce such equipment as:

  • rotary screen filter systems
  • balancing tanks
  • coagulant and flocculant reactors
  • flotation units
  • polymer preparation and dosing units
  • advanced oxidation process units
  • sludge dewatering presses
  • etc.

Wastewater treatment system ready for shipping to a client

Newly produced wastewater treatment equipment in FlotLife's plant

Newly produced rotary screening drum packed for transportation

Loading of wastewater treatment equipment for transportation to a client location

Loading of wastewater treatment equipment for transportation to a client destination

Inside Flotlife's manufacturing plant

Welding of stainless steel parts for wastewater treatment equipment

Constructing a wastewater treatment equipment in FlotLife's factory

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For own designed and manufactured equipment we use three types of materials suitable for industrial wastewater: stainless-steel, PE/PP plastic, fiberglass.


Use of stainless steel is increasing fast due to the material’s durability, corrosion resistance and aesthetics. If the right grades and surface finishes are selected, stainless steel lasts hundreds of years making it the least expensive material, thanks to its low maintenance costs. Our manufacturing process is using:

  • Cleaning, passivation, polishing
  • Glass bed blasting is cleaning process that creates a clean, bright, uniform matte texture

PE, PP plastic

Polyethylene storage tanks are composed of either linear polyethylene or high-density cross-linked polyethylene (specifically engineered material for critical applications, like chemical storage). and are more economical than FRP and Stainless Steel storage tanks. Poly tanks are lighter and are easier to transport, handling and positioning. Safety of connections, PE pipe and pipe fittings.


FRP tanks are constructed with numerous layers including a structural layer comprised of chopped glass or flament wound fiber and resin. FRP tanks are handcrafted in production and is possible to make any customized shape design tanks, basins and fully meet the requirements of customers with competitive price and delivery time. Water resources protection from pollution and exhaustion is one of the most important environmental targets. Techniques for treating industrial wastewater in this sector include different processes and equipment combination.